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Above: Horizon Scanning for better health and social care

Below: Highlights from 3rd National Conference


Family and friends, psychology and mental health, Francophile visiting several times a year, photography, cycling, reading, mindfullness, film and recently genealogy.


Independent expert review of the circumstances of a young patient’s death and the responsiveness of each relevant organisation

Masterclass in Integrated Care for Older People – for health and care senior leaders 

“Foresight: Exploring the Future, Shaping the Present” to an audience from Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, Taiwan, Italy, Finland, Germany and UK. Organisations represented include OECD, Shell, Volkswagen, NarLabs, and several universities and institutes at Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

Centre for Workforce Intelligence 2012 - 2013 see lots more at:

Nursing and midwifery newsletter - issue 3

Horizon scanning – A strategic review of the future healthcare workforce: Informing the maternity workforce

Future nursing workforce projections – starting the discussion

Horizon scanning – A strategic review of the future healthcare workforce: Informing the nursing workforce

Future midwifery workforce projections – starting the discussion

Social care infographic

Integrated care: promoting better workforce decisions

Growing apprenticeships in social care

The CfWI Business Plan 4 2013-14

Planning the social care workforce: skilled, capable, confident and fit for the future

Project briefing issue 3: GP in-depth review

Future workforce matters – Issue 3

CfWI brochure

CfWI Annual Review 2012–13

Maternity care pathway workforce model presentation

Improving workforce planning for the psychological therapies workforce

Future pharmacy workforce project brief

Workforce planning for personal assistants

GP in-depth review: Preliminary findings

Making the most of allied health professionals

Planning and developing the adult social care workforce: risks and opportunities for employers

Workforce planning implications and learning points from Francis 2013

Big picture challenges for health and social care Implications for workforce planning, education, training and development

Future Workforce Matters – Issue 2


Still in print and selling well...

Sharp, P(2001) Nurturing Emotional Literacy - A pracrical guide for Teachers, Parents and those in the caring professions. London. David Fulton Publishers Ltd ISBN 1-85346-678-6

Faupel A, Herrick H, Sharp P (1988) Anger Management - A practical guide. London. David Fulton Publishers Ltd. ISBN 1-85346-562-3 (now in second edition, 2nd reprint c18,000 sales)

Ed Barwick N, (2000) Clinical Counselling in Schools. Chapter 9 Sharp P, Herrick E: Promoting Emotional Literacy - Anger Management Groups. London. Routledge. ISBN 0-415-20517-4

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